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Made as a reminder to fall in love with where you're going. 


My husband and I travel a lot for his job. It takes us to a lot of places we have never been and probably would have never gone hahahah. But it's reminded me to fall in love with where the lord has me going. That every place has a purpose and beauty. You just might have to look a little harder in some places.


Same is true for my job even, yes! This business! I may not always know where we are going being a business owner. But I am learning to fall in love with it. Fall in love with wherever God is taking me. Where He is taking you.


Maybe you are in post-grad right now reading this and need this reminder, 45-year-old post kids, or about to head to college. The reminder is the same: fall in love with where the Lord has you going. 


I hope this hat brings up some cool conversations with strangers and even friends in your life. And maybe you all fall in love with where God has you together.





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