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Art made by MM is made w/ Love. Intentionality. Truth. And Joy. Every piece with its own meaning, texture, and life. Mainly rooted in abstract art, MM's paintings focus on bringing spaces together. She believes art has the ability to not only bring a space together, but people together as well. 


And what better message to share with people when all are brought together? The message of Love, Truth, and Light. With every painting there is a prayer and an explanation as to why it was created on the back. Paintings are made and inspired by things all over the country. 

You were made with intention. It's time your art was too

See art collections below.



the beginning

"I've always loved art, but was too much of a perfectionist to consider myself an artist. I can't draw portraits or really specifics. But I love colors, figures, and words. So that's what I stick too. I started because I had a blank wall in our first store and it needed to be filled. Not filled with just pictures or paintings, but filled with meaning. Meaning for me included things like 1 Corinthians 2:9 and "your will....". Your will was a phrase I had drawn at the top of my very first warehouse wall and will forever be the foundation of my life. What should I do? What should I paint? Your will. That's what I'll paint Lord."



a kind human 

I had a few people through social media ask to buy some of my paintings but still couldn't get the courage to sell them. an older man came into the shop one day and asked if I would do a custom painting for his wife. I was honored and said yes. 

when he came to pick it up he paid double what I told him because I had way undercharged and he knew rent was due within the few following days.

his wife loved the painting and he told me how much it meant to her.  and how special it made her feel.

this made me fall in love with painting. seeing how it made another feel so loved.

so then, I fell in love with painting even more. and fear no longer held me back.

all thanks to a kind human. 

hand painted posters


hand painted posters. started doing these because of their versatility. dress them up w a frame or let them be the beauty themselves in any space. one of a kind. prayer/story of the art on the back. multiple collections based on different seasons/inspirations. at a great price point because everyone deserves a work of art.


street art collection

I do a lot of colorful art. I'm a pretty colorful person. But I also love a classic black/white. something about it is timeless. I never want to box myself or God in. God is in it all. In all the styles. in all the colors. and in all the places. it seemed fitting to have these shot in a change of scenery. shot in NYC. got to share God's Love via street art. 

God's Love via street art.

more collections to come....

want a custom painting?


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