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If I could just touch Him. If I could just touch His robe. I will be healed. If I could merely touch the son of man all will be right. This was what the woman who was bleeding for 12 years thought as she saw Jesus walking through the crowd. She believed He could heal. And in faith, she reached out to just merely touch His robe. And instantly she was healed. 


But that wasn't all to her story, Jesus knew He had been touched and that healing power had gone out from Him. So He asks the crowd "who has touched me?"


Many people had been touching Him, He was in a crowd. But this woman touched Him in faith. Believing that she would be healed.


She says "It was I who touched your robe" 


He responds with "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace". 


And because of her reaching out in faith to just touch Jesus's robe, she was healed from her twelve years of bleeding. She would bleed no longer. The woman would recieve the title of daughter, after she had been outcasted in a society that saw her as nothing. She was called directly by Jesus as daughter. 


This woman's faith is something I pray I exemplify in my own walk with the Lord. She believed so greatly in Jesus that if she could only touch Him she would be healed. She knew the mighty power of Jesus. But most importantly, she believed wholeheartedly in the mighty power of Jesus for her life.


I don't know what my life will hold, but I pray that whatever I am confronted with I will believe this with my whole heart: If I could just touch Him that I will be healed. That I will have comfort. That I will have Life. That I will have Freedom. That I will have all I need.


I pray the same for you if this painting enters your life. Xx





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  • Painting Details

    A combination of acrylic. And Spray Paint. 

    Made with archival-quality natural cotton.

    Light Resin Top Coat.

    Width and Height options Vary.

    If you want a different background of color simply add that to the comment when ordering. I will reach out to get the color exactly as you want. Examples I can do are: yellow, blue, green, etc. 

  • Making + Shipping

    After purchase this will take 5 business days to be made. Then it will be shipped out! Shipping takes 2-5 days depending on size. You MUST choose CANVAS ART Shipping at checkout and if you do not we will invoice you for the shipping cost seperately! 

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