Meet the KEEP SMILIN' Tee.

An extension on the Keep Smilin' Hat, our Keep Smilin' Tee! The mission behind the both is that you can't wear it and not find something to smile about! Yes, life can be very difficult and its not in hopes of ignoring that but instead to find the beauty & strength to smile in the little moments He's given us + to look forward because the best is yet to come!!

   This Tee is part of our 'Give Back' Line. To Give Back is so specIal when you've been freely given. Freely given unconditional love. Freely given  grace. Freely given joy. Freely given peace that surpasses all understanding. Freely given this LIFE! That being said, we will be giving back 10% of our profit from these Tees and putting it into our local community (which is currently my college home of Tallahassee) and putting on our own outreach programs for the isolated, hurt, and the forgotten. We believe ALL people are His people and we want ALL people to experience this great love story we have been so freely given! We truly desire to be #INTHISTOGETHERxx !! Let's run this race together! You are so loved friend. 



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