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Lacking Nothing.

Written/Designed By. Isla Eyzaguirre

The summer after my junior year of college, I decided to go back and work at a summer camp I had worked the previous summer. I was a HUGE camp girl so I was extremely excited to go back and work to say the least! However when I got to camp, I was thrown into a big social bubble of everyone introducing themselves and my excitement quickly turned into insecurity as I began meeting everyone.

Just to give you and idea, these were the thoughts running in my head -

“She’s more spiritually equipped than me so she’ll do a better than job than I ever would”

“She’s more likeable than me so everyone will want to be her friend and not mine”

“She’s prettier than me”

“These people are just overall better than me in every area”

Those thoughts and insecurities lasted for six long weeks. To try and make myself “feel” more confident I tried to find my confidence in the things around me. I tried to act a certain way around others to feel known and well liked, I spent extra time getting ready so that I would feel “pretty enough” and to no surprise none of those things made me feel better about myself. It only made me feel worse. It’s exhausting trying to find confidence in things of the world. It’s emotionally and spiritually draining because that’s not where we were created to find confidence. We’re not created to find confidence in a person, friend group, materialistic things, a number on a scale, or the amount of likes/followers we get. We’re created to find confidence in the Lord. Being confident in who He says we are. In Psalm 139 it says -

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you because I’m fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well”

Psalm 139:13-14

When He created you and I, He made no mistakes. We need to remember that we weren’t created to look like our friends, the people in our class, the people we see on Instagram & TikTok etc. He created us to be ourselves freely.

However, when our eyes aren’t on the Lord and they’re on everyone/everything else, it’s easy to fall into insecurity and comparison. The opposite of the freedom we were created to feel. That’s what happened to me at camp. I started looking at everyone and began to believe the lie that I was lacking what others had. That’s exactly what comparison will do. It will make you believe the lie that you are “lacking” what others have in comparison to you. I don’t know what it is that you feel like you’re lacking in, but as followers of Jesus Christ, we lack no good thing with Him. That’s why it says in Psalms 23 -

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing”

Psalm 23:1

We lack nothing when we walk with Jesus. We lack nothing because we finally realize we have everything. We are meant to walk with our Shepard. A Shepard that guides us in Life by Truth. Sometimes we only want the end of that verse, we just want to “lack nothing” on our own. We try to lack nothing by ourselves, but as I said before that’s exhausting and impossible. We forget about the first part of that verse and it’s that The Lord needs to be our Shepard. When I go back to the times where I was feeling insecure and comparison was overflowing, I realize it all started with me trying to be it “all” by myself. I needed to let Jesus be my Shepard and most importantly, let Jesus be it all. Less about me trying to guide myself and more about letting Jesus guide me. He will guide. The job of a Shepard is to take care, watch over, and guide sheep. The next step for us is to surrender and let Him guide.

I’ve never tried but I can imagine it being pretty tough to Shepard a sheep that thinks they know it all themselves. Its probably not only frustrating but sad to see a sheep you’re trying to Shepard go all the wrong ways and put itself in harms way all because he’s/she’s trying to do his/her “own thing”. It’s funny I know but that’s what we do all the time with our lives! God is trying to Shepard us in truth and we say “nope this feels more right” or “nope I saw her go this way so thats what I want to do”. We let what feels right or look at the callings on other peoples life and let that Shepard our life instead of Jesus. Then we get mad when we feel like we are lacking and fall into the insecurity cycle all over again.

I know because I’ve been there with you friend and I’m here to tell you this:

It’s time to break that cycle! There is grace for all of that. We have the most patient, merciful, loving Shepard. Now it’s time to receive that grace and let him be the Shepard of our lives. It’s time to truly believe you lack nothing.

This Week’s Challenge:

Are there lies that you’re believing about yourself? Thoughts and feelings of insecurity/comparison in your head that are consuming your everyday life? Are you letting Jesus be your shepard? Or are you trying to Shepard your life? Challenge yourself to really ask these questions and evaluate areas in your life where you need to let Him guide.


Lord, I pray over anyone and everyone reading this devo. I pray that whoever is dwelling in insecurity and comparison is reminded of the truth that they are lacking nothing and that they are fully seen and fully known by you Lord. Remind them that even in the midst of their feelings, that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Cover them with your truth and peace as they seek confidence in you as their Shepard. I pray that we all have the eyes to see ourselves as you see us - your beloved child that is fully loved.

Yes & AMEN!

Xx, Your Friend



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